Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Destination Unknown: To Me Anyway...

One of the kids' favorite Youth Group events is this thing we do called "Destination Unknown."  We, the youth leaders and the youth council, work up some a destination, usually with a little spiritual message woven in, and we don't tell the kids where it is.

Every time we do this, each one of the kids will pull me aside and whisper, "David, where are we going?!?!"  because they all think that they have a special relationship with me that I'll tell them.  In fact, they ALL have a special relationship with me as far as I'm concerned but I still don't tell them.

In the past we have taken the kids to:

  • Snoqualmie Falls - God's Power
  • The Police Station - Sin is like a Jail
  • The Snoqualmie River - God's Power within you
  • The Museum - with a Native American speaker
  • Women's Shelter - an Immigrantion story

Well on this particular evening, there was a Destination Unknown that the council had planned and they'd put it on the calendar and hadn't told me where it was.  That's never happened before I didn't think too much of it.  So on April 28th, I arrived at the church, and once all the kids had gathered, we got in the van, and they put a T-shirt around my head so I couldn't see anything.

Then Gordon, one of the other youth leaders, drove around until I was sufficiently disoriented and then we arrived at our destination.  They unveiled me just I arrived AT MY OWN HOUSE!  My wife, Amy, had set this all up, months in advance!  This was HER plan to have a giant birthday party and she got all the kids in youth group to collude.  About 30 people knew (maybe more!), including twenty kids under 15, and SOMEHOW they kept it a secret this while time!

Amy had made sliders and potato salad and cookies and two cakes.  I've never had a surprise birthday party before, it was awesome.

Thanks to Amy for giving me such a wonderful birthday present!!!