Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Never Give Up

On June 2th, we're going to go downtown and minister to the homeless again.  I've written about that before and how touching it can be.  We'll likely hand out sack lunches or hygiene kits.  Denny said we could put little inspirational notes in there if we wanted, so I had the kids write some notes as if they were addressed to themselves, homeless in the future.  Okay, I threw in that last part at the last minute -- sometimes you wing it.  But the results were pretty cool.  I thought they were worth sharing.

So without further ado, here are the best of their notes, to themselves, as if they were homeless.

"You are special to God.  He loves you so much.  Never Give Up."

That one was basically what I was looking for.  Something comforting, sort of inspiration.  Loving.  The last three words don't seem to fit but whatever, it'll do.

"God is always with you, and watching you because he loves you."

I liked that one more.  Its a reminder of never being alone.  Also very short and digestible.

"Winners never quit and quitters never win!  Never Ever Give up OKAY!"

This one I put in the pile of "maybes" because while it might be appropriate to yourself  I thought it sounded just a tad aggressive to someone else.  There's that "Never Give Up" thing again.

"You may be thinking 'I'm so poor I got no life. Worthless.'
But there is always a soft spot in God's heart for people like you.  Never give up!"

Wow, that's poignant!  Again, just a tad too aggressive and possibly slightly condescending.  I also put this one in the pile of maybe's just because its conceivable that it could be taken the wrong way. Note the common refrain of "Never Give Up."  Somehow all the kids had that phrase on their minds.  I think there's something interesting there worthy of some study.  

Lastly, here is the one that got "first prize" by me.  I think we can hand this one out.  In fact, I'd like to make 30 copies of it and put it in each sack.  Note that common refrain in this one too.

"My mom was homeless for about six months, and lost her children.
She stayed strong in God and prayed everyday.  
She now has a loving family, a good job, and a roof over her head.
God truly works miracles, and if you never give up
on him then he will never give up on you.  I Love You."

I got a chill down my back when I read that one.  I am a lucky man to get to witness what these kids say and do.