Sunday, March 21, 2010

SUMYT 2010 Camp Indianola

This is Andrew. He is one of our most active youth and a leader among the kids. He is on my A-team, in that he will volunteer for anything and he's good at everything.

Andrew is active in the regional conference leadership team, whose initials are (S)eattle (U)nited (M)ethodist (Y)outh (T)eam. He somehow gets himself to all the weekend retreats and I'm proud that he's our representative.

On March 19th, he and I left Seattle on a ferry across the sound to Bainbridge. Then we drove up to Camp Indianola and checked in around 7:30. Andrew and I, complete manly men that we are, were assigned 6 other male youth to watch over in the evening.

For three days, we basically partied with kids from other United Methodist churches around Seattle. Fairwood had HUGE representation and provided a great band to sing songs to. The food, like it was at Lazy F, was phenomenal.

I got to share my faith journey. I tried to be quick and I hoped I didn't bore the kids, me being the eldest speaker and all. I'm so old!

For those three days, I didn't see much of Andrew personally -- he was always with the rest of the other leaders (perhaps 10 of them, maybe less). That team of kids organized three days of rallies, small groups, and activities. Incredible. We are lucky to have such great kids in our churches!


Kelly Kyle said... a great place to meet friends & have a faith walk with GOD.... let your heart be your guide.

Pat Kelley said...

David, I am so grateful for both
you and Amy joining our church
family. You came, jumped right in
and are a blessing to us all!