Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2010 Final BBQ and Year in Review!

The Kids, with David

For the second year in a row, we ended the Youth Group year with a BBQ at the church. Many of these faces we saw every week for around 40 weeks. We feel like these are OUR kids sometimes; and in some sense, they are!

The Kids, with Kate

We started the year with four youth leaders but ended with two and half. Attendence was steady all through the year at around 18-25 kids each night, sometimes up to 30 on the pizza nights. We had a very busy year, check out the table below for a list of our activities.

Small Group
Destination Unknown: House of Hope, Museum, My House, Marcia’s House
Phone Home
sewing party
Trick R Treat

Work Party



Epiphany dinner

Youth service rehearsal

Game Night


Deliver Valentines

Ash Wednesday Service

Spring Party

Guest Speaker

progressive dinner

Final BBQ

On behalf of myself, Kate Farrell and Gordon Kyle, we would like to THANK the Snoqualmie United Methodist congregation!!! Not just for trusting us with the most precious of all resources, the YOUTH, but also for supporting us during the following events:

  • Shrove Tuesday Pancake Fundraiser
  • Superbowl Sunday Subs
  • The January Youth Service
Also, and this is no small thing, THANKS to all the following people who guaranteed that we were properly fed every single Wednesday. For some of our kids, I guarantee you that they wouldn't have gotten a hot, home-cooked meal if you hadn't given it to them.

Gordon & Kelly Kyle,
Kate Farrell,
Pearl Dennis,
Mary Brown & Sue O'Donnell,
Holly Bigoff-Young,
Autumn Eadon & Sam McNabb,
Jonathan &; Yuka Souza,
Tom &; Linda Boord,
Dawn Olson,
Pat Kelley,
Ernie & Norma Jenner,
Peggy & Angela Richter, Rachel Coombs,
Lucinda Hauser,
Phyllis Huster,
Denise Ritthaler,
Noelle Rollins, Cheryl Eiger,
Genie Fairhart,
Steph Eakin,
Toddie Downs,
Ed & Barb Kelley,
Alex Hulet & Laurie Edwards!
Heaven forbid that I might have forgot someone in there. If I did, I'm sorry! But thanks again to everyone for supporting and feeding us all year!

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